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Big D Paving is an asphalt paving outdoor sports court and athletic field contractor located in West Palm Beach, FL. We serve residential, municipal, and commercial clients throughout Florida and the Bahamas. We specialize in designing and installing new activity asphalt surfaces, such as tennis courts, outdoor basketball courts and baseball fields. We also offer maintenance and resurfacing services to keep your sporting fields and courts looking their best.

We have over 50 years of experience in asphalt paving of new courts construction and resurfacing services. Big D Paving is one of South Florida’s best tennis court construction companies. We build courts from the ground up, ensuring that with proper care and maintenance, your investment will withstand years of use, extreme weather and the effects of the sun.


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Blacktop Sport Courts Construction Company

For decades, we have provided sport court blacktop construction for private homes, school districts, municipalities, subdivisions, resorts and hotels. From at-home basketball courts to resort-quality tennis courts and everything in between, we provide a full suite of services, including site evaluation, design, excavation, site preparation and laser grading. The result is a smooth, attractive, safe playing surface that lasts years.

Our experienced team builds and resurfaces the following types of sporting areas:

Asphalt Applications for Sports Courts and Facilities

After building a high-quality activity court, regular care is necessary to maintain an attractive and safe surface. Over time, all play surfaces can show signs of aging, such as fading, cracking, crumbling and holes. Without correct maintenance or resurfacing, cracks can lead to puddling and holes. If left unmaintained, water intrusion will eventually damage your surface beyond repair, leaving demolition and rebuilding your only option. Ensure your court’s safety, longevity and durability with proper care and resurfacing from Big D Paving.

Residential Outdoor Athletic Court Builders

Does your family love sports? Play tennis, basketball, or pickleball in your backyard. Your rising star athlete can hone their skills at home even when practice isn’t in session. Big D Paving can design and install an outdoor asphalt athletic court for your residential property. If you already have a private paved court needing repairs or resurfacing, we can create a maintenance plan to extend its life.

Commercial Sport Court Flooring Builders

Improve your park, school, resort or rec center with a brand-new outdoor asphalt sports court from Big D Paving. Whether you need a tennis, basketball or multi-sports court, we’ll design and construct a court that compliments your existing space. Our asphalt paving construction background allows us to complete all work in-house, including excavation, site development, laser grading and court installation.

Level the Playing Field with Laser Grading

Laser grading is essential whether you are building a new athletics field or renovating an existing one. Using state-of-the-art laser-guided equipment, Big D Paving creates accurate and consistent grades on all ball fields. Our grading services prevent puddling, soft spots, holes and lips, especially in heavy-use areas. A laser-smooth playing surface increases playability and safety while reducing the risk of injury to players. Routine maintenance of your baseball and softball fields reduces or eliminates the need to add clay and ensures proper drainage.

Palm Beach County Sports Court Construction Contractor

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Whether you need new court or athletic field construction, Big D Paving delivers outdoor activity surfaces at competitive prices. If you need repairs, resurfacing or maintenance grading, we will handle your service with care and professionalism, no matter how big or small the asphalt paving job.

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