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Big D Paving is a park and play area asphalt paving contractor in West Palm Beach, FL. We serve residential, commercial and municipal clients providing pavement services for homeowners, commercial properties, school districts, community parks and HOAs. We specialize in asphalt pavement construction, repair and maintenance for recreational spaces such as play areas, tarmac blacktops, pathways and sports courts. Our asphalt pavement services include installing and resurfacing blacktop play areas and roadways of playgrounds and community parks. We often coordinate with other trades to complete school, park and playground projects.


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Outdoor Pavement Sports & Play Surfaces Construction

The Big D Paving team are specialists in the building and paving of outdoor play surfaces commonly found at playgrounds, community parks and schools. Such surfaces include tennis, basketball, pickleball, and recess blacktops. We recommend asphalt as it is affordable and durable, perfect to withstand Florida weather and years of play.

Recreational Area Pavement Construction

From small neighborhood playgrounds to large county parks, there is a call for hardscape surfaces. Using asphalt pavement, we create smooth, safe, ADA-compliant surfaces for play and pedestrian traffic, including strollers, wheelchairs and bikes. Pavement is an attractive, affordable, long-lasting option for all recreational spaces, including designated picnic and pavilion areas, pathways, and parking lots. Some community parks span miles, and paving is the most economical and efficient way to create safe spaces to play on, especially when the natural ground is uneven.

Our experienced team paves and resurfaces the following types of play and recreational surfaces:

  • Surrounding Playground Areas
  • School Playground Blacktops
  • Paved Hiking Trails
  • Picnic & Pavilion Areas
  • Paved Fitness Trails
  • Bike & Walking Patha
  • Basketball Courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Parking Areas

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Big D Paving is the leading park and playground paving services expert in South Florida and the Treasure Coast. Whether you have a small area surrounding your playground or an extensive community park, we have the workforce, equipment and skills to create a beautiful paved space for many to enjoy.

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*Big D Paving never recommends asphalt pavement as a flooring option directly beneath playground equipment and highly suggests using it only for surrounding play areas, walkways, etc.