The Benefits of Laser Grading

Land grading is traditionally done manually.  Due to this reason, it limited the accuracy of the graded land.  Now many paving companies utilize laser grading during the leveling process.  This helps improve accuracy of the grade and there are many benefits that laser grading provides.  Today we will learn more about this process and how it can benefit you.  If you need a project graded, you should really check out the information below.

Laser Grading Is Highly Accurate

During the building process land grading is often the first step.  This is because the grade needs to be as next to perfect as possible before building can begin.  Using a laser will allow you to maintain an accuracy from +/- 1/8” to ¼” which is highly precise.  In addition, this is great for finish grading which needs to as close to perfect as possible or any project that has to be constructed on difficult hard to navigate terrain.

It’s Very Consistent

This form of grading helps keep things consistent over the entire project.  Even with the most difficult terrain, the end result will be smooth as well as level.  This allows for a professional look that you can trust.  Being consistent will help you avoid any low spots that might cause your concrete or asphalt to sag.  Even the slightest different in grade can have a major impact on your final project.

Can Be Used for Many Different Applications

No matter what you are planning to build grading with a laser can help make your project shine.  Supermarkets, hotels, parking lots, retail stores and warehouses can all benefit from using this amazing technology because it is the best available today.  Getting the perfect grade means that your new building will have the right amount of drainage so that it stays high and dry.

It Speeds Up the Process

Using a laser for grading helps speed up the process which will help keep your project ahead of schedule.  Traditional grading methods often take longer to complete. In addition, the traditional method must be repeated to get the grade just right.  The process can be cut in half saving time and money on additional labor with the use of laser grading.


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