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Big D Paving is a local West Palm Beach, FL contractor that provides professional asphalt and concrete sidewalk construction. We serve residential, commercial, and municipal clients throughout South Florida and the Treasure Coast. Our asphalt paving company specializes in installing new pedestrian sidewalks, walkways, and curbs. We have successfully completed projects for municipalities, school districts, housing developments, community centers, private residences, parks and recreation. We adhere to the most proven asphalt construction techniques.


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Commercial & Municipal Asphalt Sidewalk Construction

Pedestrian accessibility is paramount when you have a business or commercial property in South Florida, including government buildings, schools, or where weather-resistant walkways are needed. We build asphalt walkways and ADA-compliant ramps to connect parking lots to storefronts and buildings, making them easily accessible to customers. Housing developments require sidewalks and curbs throughout the community, connecting every street, home, park and community center. We will expertly install asphalt walkways, providing pedestrian traffic with a safe pathway to your office door, neighborhood, or recreational areas.

Our experts handle sidewalk installation from the ground up, beginning with earthwork to prepare the base, installing necessary drainage and ensuring all site prep and materials are on grade using state-of-the-art laser grading equipment. Big D Paving is your sidewalk construction specialist serving Palm Beach, Broward, Indian River, Martin and St. Lucie Counties.

Residential Asphalt Walkway Installation

Beautify your home with professionally installed asphalt or concrete pathways. We’ll install sidewalks to create walkable access from your driveway or garage to your front or back door. Enhance your property with a meandering footpath through your gardens or landscaped backyard. Asphalt and concrete hardscape surfaces offer homeowners attractive walkways that can withstand years of abuse from foot traffic and harsh weather with minimal maintenance.

Asphalt Walking Path Repair & Resurfacing

Damaged, uneven or cracked asphalt sidewalks create a severe pedestrian trip hazard. Cracks, crumbling, sinking or lifting from tree roots can occur and must be addressed immediately to prevent injury and liability issues. Our experts can seal, patch, or relevel existing asphalt or concrete walkways. Sidewalk maintenance may seem time-consuming, but it’s more affordable than replacement. If your asphalt walkways are beyond repair or ready for a change, we can resurface or replace your footpaths as needed. Hire Big D Paving to keep your sidewalks and walkways attractive and safe for pedestrians.

Asphalt Paved Pathways

Parks and recreational areas often offer paved asphalt pathways for citizens to enjoy. Walking paths are also used for running, jogging, walking, biking or rollerblading and need to be smooth to prevent trip and fall incidents. Contact us for a quote if you’d like to install durable, long-lasting walking trails throughout your community park or recreational space.

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Ready to install new sidewalks for your foot traffic? Have existing sidewalks that require repair or replacement? The Big D Paving crews are prepared to deliver top-quality work regardless of the sidewalk or curbing project size. If you have questions about asphalt sidewalk installation or repair services, contact usat 561-697-2443 to schedule a consultation.