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Big D Paving is a railroad crossing paving company located in West Palm Beach, FL. We are one of the leading paving contractors approved to handle projects for multiple railroad lines in Florida. Our asphalt paving company specializes in installing railroad crossings and laying the transition pavement. With over 25 years of railway crossing experience, we adhere to the most proven asphalt construction techniques and the strictest safety guidelines for working around railroads. Our company is an approved contractor for railroad projects, and our employees are background checked, badged and safety trained for working near railways.


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At-Grade Railroad Crossing Asphalt Repair

Pavement surrounding grade-level railroad crossings deteriorates exponentially faster than paved roads. Heavy vibrations from freight trains cause the asphalt to crumble. This crossover is crucial to keep automotive traffic moving safely but can damage a vehicle’s undercarriage once deterioration begins. Spot repairs can extend the life of a grade crossing, but it will need to be ripped out and replaced.

Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Asphalt Replacement

With such a significant reduction in the pavement’s lifespan at roadway train crossings, replacement comes much sooner than the rest of the highway. We’ll demolish the current railway crossing, removing crumbled asphalt and the old track panels. We’ll remove any remaining loose material before installing the new track panel and laying new asphalt.

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If you are a railroad company, FDOT, or other government entity requiring new or replacement train crossovers, Big D Paving has the necessary experience and knowledge. We’ll work with the railway or other construction contractors to install or upgrade grade crossings successfully. Please contact us at 561-697-2443 for your complimentary quote.