Asphalt Paving Company: What We Do

asphalt paving company Not many road paving companies have been around as long as Big D Paving.  Since the year 1972, our team of paving experts has worked hard to serve the fine folks of South Florida.  We are one of the only few asphalt and paving companies that have lasted the test of time.  The reason behind our longevity is our attention to detail and our loyalty to our customers.  If you are new to the Treasure Coast and are not familiar with our services, today, we would like to introduce you to a few of them and explain what an asphalt paving company does.

What does an Asphalt Paving Company do?

As an asphalt paving company, one of our most popular services is road and parking lot paving. Asphalt is a wonderful paving material that will last many years with proper maintenance.  We offer a wide selection of asphalt paving services that you can find below.

  • Commercial and residential paving services.
  • Resurfacing services.
  • Asphalt repair and crack sealing.
  • Patching and maintenance.

Excavating Services

We are more than just an asphalt paving company.  While many asphalt paving contractors only offer a singular service, we have expanded our company to meet the needs of the people of south Florida.  We are proud to offer our excavating services to meet your every need.  Below you will find a list of several excavation services we offer.

  • Land clearing and earthwork.
  • Professional finish laser grading and site grading.
  • Demolition and site improvements.
  • Dirt removal and re-compaction.

Seal Coating Services

Our asphalt paving company offers a special service that will help protect your investment.  Our seal coating service will help keep your asphalt looking great for many years to come.  There are many benefits that come with seal coating as you will see below.

  • It will save you money by reducing the amount of yearly maintenance needed.
  • Seal coating will prevent water from penetrating your asphalt, in turn, preventing damage.
  • Allows your pavement to look new even years after application.
  • Prevents common shrinkage problems.
  • Keeps pavement from oxidation caused by sunlight.
  • Makes cleaning easy and helps to resist oil, road salt, and other hazardous materials.

Tennis Court Surfaces

We are one of south Florida’s largest tennis court construction companies.  For many years, we have helped hundreds of clients build tennis courts around the state.  Some of our clients include Dade County School System, many different hotels in the area, and the Delray Beach Tennis Center.  We build some of the most level tennis courts in the country by utilizing our precise laser grading technology.

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No matter how big or how small your pavement excavation needs are, we would like to help you.  Our team of seasoned experts will work hard to provide you with high-quality services at affordable rates.  So if you are looking for asphalt paving contractors in the South Florida area, why not choose a company that has been around for many decades?  Contact us today and let us start helping you.


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