Homeowners should understand the importance of maintaining all aspects of a property, and the driveway should not be an exception. Maintaining and caring for the driveway isn’t always the easiest thing for a homeowner. To properly maintain an asphalt driveway, the homeowner has to know when it’s time to seal coat, and when it’s time to repave entirely.

How Can a Property Owner Know When It’s Time To Sealcoat or Repave A Driveway?

  • Keep an eye out for area of the pavement that looks mangled, severely broken, or reminiscent of alligator’s skin – also known as “alligator cracks” or “alligatoring”. When this starts to occur, it’s a good indicator that it may be time to start thinking of repaving the driveway. When the drive way gets to this point, sealcoat can’t fill the cracks, and the asphalt must be replaced entirely.
    • If you put seal coat on an asphalt driveway that’s experiencing alligator cracks, you turn the area into a block rock and rubber opposed to true asphalt. The danger in this occurs in warmer weather – when the rubber can stick to the wheels of a vehicle and bring large chunks of the driveway along when the vehicle leaves.
    • Over sealing a driveway over time can be the direct cause of these alligator cracks in the first place. You can tell the difference between the alligator cracks in the following ways:
      • Alligatoring from over sealing will look like cracked glazing that appears on pottery. This won’t crack the pavement underneath.
      • True alligatoring will create deep, unavoidable cracks that an object  like a knife can be easily inserted.
    • Either way, sealing cannot fix alligatoring in pavement

To repair a weathered asphalt driveway, to property owner should request an estimate from a licensed and reputable contractor. Just tell the contractor the situation, and ask for suggestions on what they think the best course of action would be for you. The extent of the damages cannot really be determined until the contractor performs a visual inspection of the asphalt. In most cases, a weathered asphalt driveway can be left the way it is until the property owner has the budget to repave the driveway altogether. To know the true extent of the damaged drive way, it must be inspected by a reputable contractor.

Another tip when it comes to repairing a damaged drive way is that the property owner should always perform considerable research on the company performing the job. It’s not uncommon for a sketchy contracting company to try and swindle home owners by using cheap or diluted resealer or pavement material.

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